Century Media offers up new Witherscape And reissues Sentenced & Despised Icon back catalog


Because anything featuring Dan Swanö is worth a look, and because that cover art is so good looking, here’s what Century Media has to say about the new effort:

70’s & 80’s Prog/Hard Rock blended with atmospheric yet subtle extreme Metal. Featuring Dan Swanö (ex Edge Of Sanity/Bloodbath, Nightingale, etc.) & fellow Swedish multi-instrumentalist Ragnar Widerberg. “The Northern Sanctuary” is a truly remarkable effort, both profound and effective. Its infectious catchiness will appeal to the passionate followers of Swanö’s diverse artistic catalogue, but also to fans of bands like Opeth, Amorphis or Symphony X. All hail the underrated genius of Dan Swanö.


  1. Wake Of Infinity (04:38)
  2. In The Eyes Of Idols (03:58)
  3. Rapture Ballet (04:25)
  4. The Examiner (05:03)
  5. Marionette (04:37)
  6. Divinity (03:02)
  7. God Of Ruin (05:32)
  8. The Northern Sanctuary (13:44)
  9. Vila I Frid (01:54)

Scheduled to ship July 22, 2016.

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And because why not, Century Media is also reissuing 4 classic Sentenced albums and 2 Despised Icon albums.


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